Frequently asked questions

Before subscribing to our services please read the following information where you can find the answers to the frequently asked questions about VoIP, along with some recommendations from us.

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What do I need for VoIP telephony?

To use our services, you need:

  • An internet connection (preferably wired, not wireless).
  • A VoIP phone (recommended) or a VoIP app installed on your cell phone or computer.
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Why buy a VoIP phone if there are software apps, including free ones?

Software apps strongly depend on the operating system (such as Windows for computers or Android for cell phones). Frequently the operating system interferes with the app's functions. For example, some Android phones disable apps automatically to conserve battery. The same can happen with Windows computers when they go in standby. When disabled the apps lose connection to our servers and consequently can no longer receive calls.

Conversely, VoIP phones are devices dedicated for this service, and do not depend on other operating systems. Their connection to our servers is very stable, and they are very easy to use and set up.

The subscriptions provided by VoIPIT are fully compatible with the VoIP software. But, for better reliability we recommend using a VoIP phone.

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Can I use VoIP services over wireless connections?

VoIP telephony requires internet access. In the case of Android cell phones, this can only be wireless. For computers/laptops the connection can be either wired or wireless. VoIP phones usually require wired connection (though wireless models do exist).

Wireless connections depend on multiple external factors, such as the quality of the router, of the signal, on the number of users, as well as possible radio interference. Consequently, during heavy use periods wireless calls can drop, especially when using a consumer grade wireless router.

VoIP telephony does work over wireless connections, but for a quality service VoIPIT recommends wired connections.

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Why do wireless calls drop even though the internet is working?

A wireless connection is subject to interference, signal issues etc. When a website is being loaded, this only increases the load time (for example Google loads in two seconds instead of one).

Telephony, however, requires a stable connection. If during a call the connection to our server is interrupted, this will affect the voice quality and may even lead to a dropped call.

VoIPIT recommends wired connections for using our VoIP service.

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Does the VoIP phone need a power outlet?

Most VoIP phones support PoE (Power over Ethernet) protocol. If the phone is connected to the internet via ethernet cable and if your networking equipment supports it, then the phone does not need an extra connection to the 220V electric grid. Otherwise, it will need to be powered like any electric device.

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