Customer own VoIPIT PBX

VoIPIT PBX systems are a cost reduction tool for a developing business. Internal calls are free and will not consume your purchased external bandwidth. You only need a well-configured internal IP network, VoIP phones or compatible applications, and an IP telephony provider.


Deployment options

Before purchasing a PBX, we kindly ask you to first consider the benefits of our cloud telephony services: you no longer need to worry about configuration and maintenance costs, or pay wages to dedicated staff etc.

Software PBX

This solution implies installing VoIP software on your equipment.

It is designed for companies with dedicated IT staff and an infrastructure sufficiently developed to justify the initial investment.

  • requires an existing server, dedicated or virtualization capable
  • set-up fees depending on configuration complexity
  • guaranteed interconnection with your IP telephony provider

For managing your software PBX, we strongly recommend the Accolades platform.

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Hardware PBX

This solution is for those accustomed to classical PBX systems.

VoIPIT offers hardware platforms configured and tested, ready for deployment in production environments.

  • purchase cost depending on model
  • set-up fees depending on capabilities: number of simultaneous calls, number of users etc.
  • guaranteed interconnection with your IP telephony provider

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